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Quality Assurance Policy

The principal mission of MxSoft Hubert Maksymiec S.L. is based on the activity of “Development and maintenance of custom made software: Web, Mobile, and Desktop Applications”. Therefore, the company provides the service of integrating and adapting these applications to each of its client’s requirements.

Everything is produced within a framework which guarantees quality of service to our clients.

The Management of MXSoft Hubert Maksymiec S.L. is aware that the question of quality, given the nature of its activities, is a vital requirement in guaranteeing the credibility of the company and the confidence of its clients, suppliers, and society in general.

For this reason, the Management of MxSoft Hubert Maksymiec S.L. has chosen to implement a system of Quality Assurance based on the law UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008, as a strategic decision that enables MxSoft Hubert Maksymiec S.L to continually improve performance quality and to adapt to the changes that continually affect the market.

Therefore, in order to achieve these aims and objectives, the Management is committed to taking the following action:

To ensure that the services provided fully satisfy the stated requirements of our clients avoiding any complaint or dissatisfaction owing to non-compliance. This will be achieved through the provision of services capable of matching and even exceeding their expectations.

To achieve a process of continual improvement in the system of Quality Assurance through a team effort, placing emphasis on increasing market competitiveness by means of improving quality and productivity.

To ensure that personnel have the necessary training and awareness to prevent accidents in the work-place and to deliver the objectives and the development of our current policies.

To involve, motivate and engage the personnel with the aim of obtaining their participation in the management, development and application of the implemented System to achieve the quality levels demanded by the client.

To comply with all the customer’s requirements, as well as all the legal and regulatory requirements that the organization subscribes to.

The day to day operation of this Quality Assurance Policy is controlled and reviewed by Management in addition to formulating the aims and objectives of the policies and the means of compliance.

In this manner the Management has established a system of Quality Assurance that has been communicated, understood and applied by all the personnel in the organization.